This page is still somewhat under construction. Expect new items to appear here periodically.

  • My Haskell Summer of Code project.
  • An IRC-like messaging app written in Java.
  • I have written a todo app using MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, a RESTful API with the Slim v3 microframework for PHP, and javascript with jQuery for the front-end. The app itself is available here and the code will be available on Git-Hub soon.
  • I have written a CPU scheduler in C for a class project; the code needs to be cleaned up a bit but will be on Git-Hub soon.
  • I wrote a few small websites for my mom’s school using WordPress; each teacher has a small personal website all hosted on WordPress multisite; I made a few small tweaks to the CSS and php code myself by hand as there werne’t any templates that truly met their needs out of the box. A demo is available here; The demo is currently rough as I literally just cloned it from one of the teacher websites. It will be made more functional in a day or two.
  • This website was also created by me in WordPress.