For those awkward times when you can say “yeah I’ve taken a class in that” but you can’t say “I’ve done some super useful things with this”

School History

  • Walla Walla University. 2013-2016. Major: Computer Engineering.
  • Portland State University. 2017-Now. Major: Computer Science. (Apparently it took me 3 years to realize I love TCS a lot more than Theoretical Computer Engineering and Hardware related stuff)

“Non-Standard” Courses I’ve Taken in University

  • Intro to Quantum Computing
  • Two quarters of Quantum Mechanics
  • Calculus 1-4, and Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Intro to AI, Operating System Design, ARM Assembly.
  • Philosophy of Atheism, Philosophy of Religion, Decision Making in Complex Environments (Systems Science)

Extra-Curricular Skills

  • Basic Sysadmin experience (Linux, Terminal, obligatory iUseArch, perl doesn’t scare me, bash doesn’t either, st is my terminal, weechat my IRC client, ranger my file manager, CLI = love = life, etc.)
  • I’ve done a few things with ssh that I’m not proud of.
  • Am currently dating a very cute someone, so I have at least some social skills.
  • I’ve parsed HTML with Regex and I didn’t die.
  • I was the Photoshop Wizard in high school and I don’t suck at color coordination.
  • I once wrote a vim macro to convert an excel spreadsheet to a LaTeX table. Regular expressions were used. It was ugly, black magic. This was refactored into a function, then into several, then I ran out of Physics lab reports to yak shave with.
  • My service dog hasn’t starved to death yet and still loves me.
  • Significant IT knowledge regarding Windows, OSX, Linux, iPhones, Android. Involving repairing, troubleshooting, fixing errors, fixing corruption errors, etc.
  • Proficiency in 5+ swing dance styles, and I can pretend I know 3-4 other dance styles as well.
  • I regularly astound business majors by knowing what a pivot table in Excel is.
  • I can do a back flip and not die. Hell, I can do a twisting layout and not die.
  • I have a sense of fashion and hygiene despite my growing UnixGreybeard-haircut.
  • Am friends with both Republicans and Democrats on Facebook, so you could say I’m pretty good at working across differences.
  • I can type semicolons and function signatures 200%+ faster than the average person.