Programs as smooth as his swivels, Jared Weakly: A dancing tech geek from Portland, OR.

When I was little, I once got in trouble for being on the computer at 3am for the third time that week. Out of frustration, my mom took apart the entire desktop so I wouldn't get on it--unfortunately for her, I was the only one who knew how to put it back together. A few days later, she asked me to put it back together so she could use it; I told her I'd think about it. Two weeks later, I got bored and put it back together, got right back to work, and haven't quit since.

Fascinated by everything related to computers and technology from a young age, I've jumped at every opportunity from designing my middle school yearbook to summer internships and freelance jobs to hone my skills. Currently, I am a Junior undergraduate student at Portland State University studying Computer Science. When I'm not studying Haskell, reading way too many Wikipedia pages about Theoretical Computer Science, or doing homework, you can find me on the dance floor all over the Pacific Northwest as an avid Swing Dancing enthusiast. On a nice day, you're likely to spot me at the dog park with my adorable service dog, Lupita. During the summer I'm just as likely to be backpacking and camping as programming and playing board-games.

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