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About Me

If you try to ask Hazel what time it is, she’ll teach you how to build a clock.
- My mother in outlaw

Currently, I spend my days working on building out infrastructure, systems, automation, and tooling to make life easier and better for others (and myself). It’s fun, challenging, and it can be a bit of an under-appreciated art. It’s not enough to solve the technical challenges, it’s just as important–if not more so–to address the social ones. Any sufficiently complex system is a sociotechnical one, and so any sufficiently effective solution must be holistic in its approach and not neglect the core idea that–at the end of the day–humans are the ones operating within these systems.

Aretê is, to me, the pursuit of learning, trust, and raw excellence for its own sake. To strive ever towards perfection: not because it’s possible, but precisely because it is not.

When I’m not working or programming, you can find me swing dancing, doing gymnastics, playing board games, nerding out about keyboards, drinking coffee, sampling scotch, playing with my dogs, or snuggling my cat. Research interest wise, I tend to get most into build systems, programming language theory, type systems, category theory, formal verification, information geometry, and distributed systems. I also read quite a bit, and try to jot down my thoughts into my ever expanding digital snapshot of my brain.